Quality IngredientsBardic Wells Distinction

Quality ingredients and artisan process make Bardic Wells mead a truly premium product with unique character.


Quality Ingredients:

Honey, Water, yeast and a nutrient - those are usually the ONLY ingredients in traditional mead. Melomels and Metheglins of course will additionally have some fruit, spices and herbs. With so few ingredients, the quality of EACH is absolutely critical.  There aren't enough ingredients to "hide" an inferior item and a bad ingredient will stick out.

Honey - Mead's single most important ingredient; it provides the carbohydrate that feeds the fermentation. We organically manage our own bees and totally control our honey source. The vast majority of mead producers are unable to make this claim. We strategically locate our hives to get the best honey Michigan has to offer and we can guarantee that the honey we use truly is RAW honey. It's never been heated and pushed through filters so it retains its full flavor and aroma. One of the biggest comments we get is how wonderful our mead smells.

Water - We use well water and are blessed with water with a pH that is naturally almost perfect for mead making. NO recycled waste water from a treatment plant or chlorinated water, no filters - our water is straight from the well.

Bee Pollen - Because we are beekeepers we are able to harvest bee pollen from our hives. Like us, bees need protein and pollen is their source. A healthy fermentation needs protein to feed the yeast. There are many man processed products available. Our recipes actually use bee pollen - an authentic nutrient that would have been used hundreds of years before manufactured nutrients were available. Because pollen is harvest from blossoms, this ingredient adds to the complexity of our aroma.

Sulfites - Sometimes it's not what you put in the mead but what you DON'T put in it. Sulfites are used as a sanitizer or preservative to kill or control fermentation. It is a chemical that allows more margin of error in a process.  We add NO sulfites to our process. It requires a cleaner environment and more time to let the fermentation naturally run its course - but it's worth it to not have a final product that tastes like chlorinated, swimming pool water (excuse the editorial comment). If mead makers hundreds of years ago made mead without sulfites I would hope we could, too! 


Artisan Process

Even at a commercial level, Bardic Wells keeps mead making naturally simple and low tech. While competitors are developing shortcuts to speed up the process and unnaturally mass produce volumes of mead, we recognize that time is our most valuable ingredient. Some meaderies actually boast about bottling within 3 months of initial fermentation. We employ NO shortcuts or gimmicks. We aren't interested in compromising artisan quality for business driven mass production. Bardic Wells' authentic process and aging can't be hurried. Except for our small mead, our mead is at least a year old before bottling and may age for another year in the bottle before being released. Batches are strategically kept small so we can intimately follow the process to actively avoid quality problems that would have to be "fixed" with chemicals or flavoring before bottling. All Bardic Wells meads are artisan crafted; we have no premium or "reserve" batches - all our mead is as good as we can make it.